Poetry and prose with muse for Vim

Guthrie McAfee Armstrong


Week one of muse

Last weekend, I learned Vimscript and built my first Vim plugin, muse (originally rhymer), with Steven Tammen and Matt Jones. We placed in the top 6 of 26 at the UGAHacks 2018 hackathon. When we submitted the project after 40 hours, the tree matched commit e40d5eda66. One week later, we’ve modified over 1,200 lines of code, I’ve incorporated Margaret Sy’s margaret/python-datamuse library (specifically, my fork gmarmstrong/python-datamuse), and I’ve added drop-down word suggestions.

What’s next for muse

I want to simplify how muse imports python-datamuse (margaret/python-datamuse#4 and gmarmstrong/vim-muse#5). I’ve also been brainstorming ways to allow rhyme schemes other than AABB, and how to define different rhyme schemes per-stanza. Finally, I want to replace line numbers with syllable counts in the sign column (gmarmstrong/vim-muse#12).